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       At Auburn University, many years ago, an inspired fearless young man on crutches asked a strikingly beautiful art student to dance. She said, “yes.”

      Walter Perrott’s fascination with imaging followed him into the medical field and, more specifically, Diagnostic Radiology.  Rebecca Perrott continued to create with brush and canvas.  They bought a used Pentax 35mm film camera to photograph Beckie's paintings and the affair with film photography began. Their passion for imaging merged into a mutual love for photography. Their photographic experience through the years spans the gamut from 35mm film photography to teaching groups zone system and large format photography in the Southwest. They’ve studied under renowned photographers such as John Sexton, George DeWolfe, Bruce Barnbaum, Howard Bond, and Fred Picker. Recent courses include John Paul Caponigro's Advanced Digital Printmaking. In their journey from darkroom to digital, they’ve acquired expertise in Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, digital photography, and large format archival inkjet printing. They have been internationally collected and won numerous awards including Best of Show and recently Bud won the 24th Annual Southeast Regional Juried Art Show's  Best of Show.   The recognition included a one man photographic exhibition at the Mattie Kelly Art Galleries.  


See Juror's Statement.

      With camera gear in carry-ons, they’ve traveled to Scotland, Italy, Hong Kong, Bali, Caribbean Islands, Iceland and various regions of the United States, focusing on the southwest and southeast. They have taught photographic workshops at the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, the Escalante Grand Staircase, Bryce Canyon, Monument Valley, and the Slot Canyons in Arizona.

     They would now like to invite you, luggage free, to take a glimpse at their galleries.

     “Enjoy the dance!”

Artists Statements


Walter W. Perrott III, M. D.      

My interest in photography began in medical school 47 years ago.      

      We bought a used Pentax film camera to take pictures of my wife's paintings and a lifelong love of photography was born. I saw my first black and white print develop in an apartment bathroom made light-tight with bath towels. What exciting times those were! I kept evolving in photography learning medium format film and finally large-format film cameras. As a radiologist, I learned about all of the nuances of film and film processing. H and D curves became second nature to me and the Zone system soon followed. I purchased a Jobo ATL – 3 processor and was processing my own film. Transmission and reflection densitometers allowed me to determine my own ISO's of various films and to control grain size using custom formulas for developers. I could finally shoot, process and print to accurately portray my vision on paper. I could pre-expose the scene and use flashing techniques to expose hidden textures in the highlights. I had the perfect viewing light and knew how much each print would dry down. I knew how to selenium tone with the best. It was then time to seek out mentors in the world of black-and-white photography. I studied with the best. I studied with John Sexton, Howard Bond, George Dewolfe, Bruce Barnbaum and Santa Fe Photographic Workshops. I retired from medicine for two years and Beckie and I taught large format photography in Zion and in the Grand Canyon regions including the Southwest. We helped lead The Southwest Photographic Workshops for 2 years. I discovered I was not the retiring type and returned to the practice of radiology two years after retirement and continue to practice radiology to this day. Then Digital happened! I became the proud owner of computers, digital cameras, Photoshop and large format Epson Printers. Color photography as well as black-and-white photography became a reality in the digital world. HDR capabilities, Focus Stacking and 36 megapixel cameras have once again given to me the capabilities and resolution I once had with a 4 x 5 view camera. Kelby Training and NAPP have been mainstays of my digital education. I was also involved in helping George Douvos (Australia) develop an IOS App called FocusStacker.      

My greatest thrill in photography is watching a beautiful landscape evolve into the extraordinary.

Rebecca B Perrott

    “In my art I seek to translate my experience of seeing and being in a particular place and time; to express beyond that perception of light and form and acknowledge the connectedness with all life; to incorporate the principles of art to delve behind what appears and depict the unseen energy; to share a timeless vision of beauty.” RBP

     Rebecca B Perrott received her degree in art from Auburn University and studied further at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. During that time she developed a life-long interest in painting as well as photography. This culminated many years later teaching photography workshops in the Southwest. After moving to Colorado, her interest in hiking awakened a passion for nature. Surrounded by the incredible vistas of the West she began plein air painting. Through the years she has continued to study painting and photography attending workshops and classes with John Sexton, Howard Bond, George Dewolfe, the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, Morgan Samuel Price, Lori Putnam, and Kevin McPherson. Her award winning work has sold thru galleries in California and Colorado and is featured in private and corporate collections.

     She is a member of Oil Painters of America, Plein Air South, the Emerald Coast Plein Air Painters group and participates in exhibits and shows displaying her paintings and photography.

     Whether it is thru a lens or swirling luscious colors onto canvas, she hopes to inspire and share the beauty of life.

Rebecca Perrott


Walter W. Perrott, III

Destin, FL


Auburn University, Auburn, AL

M.D.  Tulane University, New Orleans, LA

Medical Internship, University of Alabama Medical School, Birmingham, AL

Radiology Residency,  University of Alabama Medical School, Birmingham, AL

Awards  &  Exhibitions


Arts & Design Society 24th Annual Southeast Regional Juried Arts Exhibition, Best of Show, Niceville, FL


Arts & Design Society 23th Annual Southeast Regional Juried Arts Exhibition, Third Place, Niceville, FL


Fine Arts Show 29th Annual Northwest Florida Fair, Fort Walton Beach, FL


14th Annual Faces & Facets, Visual Arts Center of NW Florida, Best of Show, 2nd Place Documentary, 

3rd Place, Historical Category, Panama City Beach, FL


Image South Gallery, 3 Person Show with Daniel Babior, Gary Faye, Atlanta, GA


Sangre de Cristo Arts Center, Solo Show of Landscape Photography, Pueblo, CO


Own Your Own Art Show, Sangre de Christo Art Center, Pueblo, CO


Colorado State Fair, Jurors Choice, Meritorious Award, Pueblo, CO


Colorado State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition, Honorable Mention, Pueblo, CO


Colorado State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition, Juror’s Choice, Pueblo, CO

Gallery Representation

Focus Photographic Gallery, Carmel, CA 1999-2005

Upstairs Gallery, Atlanta, GA

Hands of Man Gallery, 1981, Pueblo CO

Off Broadway Gallery, 1981, Pueblo, CO

Rebecca B. Perrott

Destin, FL


Auburn University, Auburn, AL

University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL

Awards and Exhibitions


Capturing the Moment, Sacred Heart Hospital, Emerald Coast Plein Air Painters, paintings, Santa Rosa Beach, FL


Arts & Design Society 21st Annual Southeast Regional Juried Fine Arts Exhibition, Coin Operated Laundry, photograph, Niceville, FL

Destin Festival of the Arts, Mattie Kelly Arts, Emerald Coast Plein Air Painters, Destin, FL

Hidden Lantern Gallery, Scenes of South Walton Exhibit, Rosemary Beach, FL, Paintings


Arts & Design Society 20th Annual Southeast Regional Juried Fine Arts Exhibition, Flamingo Motel, photograph, Niceville, FL

Hidden Lantern Gallery, Dune Lakes Exhibit, Rosemary Beach, FL, Paintings

South Walton Library, Santa Rosa Beach, FL paintings

Jewels of 30-A, Juried Art Show, Western Lake, 


Visual Arts Center of NW Florida Juried Art Show, Best of Landscape, Best of Sunsets, Panama City, FL


Own Your Own Art Show, Juried, Sangre de Christo Art Center, Pueblo, CO 

Gallery Representation

Focus Photographic Gallery, Carmel CA, 1999-2005

Hands of Man Gallery, Pueblo, CO 1981

Off Broadway Gallery, Pueblo, CO 1981-86

Bienville Cafe, Niceville, FL 2014-2016

Artful Things, Niceville, FL 2015


Emerald Coast Plein Air Painters, coordinator 2012-2015

Cultural Arts Alliance, A+ART

Oil Painters of America, Plein Air Paint-Outs, 2014 & 2015

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